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Student Mental Health Survey

Student Mental Health Survey

by Niall Hardie -
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Student Wellbeing Survey - click to complete

Glasgow Clyde College, in partnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health, has been running a mentally healthy college project for over a year. This survey aims to find out whether or not the project is being successful for YOU, the students. It also aims to find out what else the college might do to support how students feel - their mental health. 

PLEASE complete this survey - it's important to hear the views from as many of you as possible.  The survey will not take you long - just 5 minutes or so. 

You do not need to provide your name and contact details unless you choose to do so. 

If YOU decide that you want to give your name, you will have the chance of winning £50. You will be asked whether you want to do so at the end of the survey. 

Responses to this survey are being analysed by an independent researcher Jacki Gordon (Jacki Gordon + Associates).

This means that even if you provide your name, all data will be ANONYMOUS. No-one in the college will be able to link your responses with you personally. 

Glasgow Clyde College will use the anonymous findings to help make your college a mentally healthy one.

By participating in this survey, you are agreeing to the use of your responses in this way.

Claire Connor

Mentally Healthy College Administrator