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GCCSA Elections

GCCSA Elections

by Niall Hardie -
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The change starts with you! Think you have what it takes to be the next President or one of three Vice Presidents of Glasgow Clyde College?

Nominations for the 2018/19 year are open from 12th-29th March 2018, campaigning will take place from 23rd April and the voting will take place 30th April-3rd May!

GCCSA is run by students, for students, and all students are automatically members of GCCSA. We are determined to represent students’ interests here at Glasgow Clyde College.

Every spring, we elect a new full time president and three part-time vice presidents to represent the student body at Glasgow Clyde College. We not only seek to represent students, we also wish to forge strong links with external organisations and partners, to ensure GCCSA can continue to help to improve the overall learning experience.

Being a part of the action could be a great benefit not only to you and your future, but could also make a real difference to the learning and development of your peers, and to improving Glasgow Clyde College. Please note that the president role is full time and the three vice president positions are part time.

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